Sewing Projects

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  • La verdad es que tus proyectos son inspiradores, tenes un excelente gusto y un don para coser, gracias por tu generosidad! Voy a ibtentar hacer la jacket que subiste gratis para mi hija. El tutorial es super completo! Saludos desde Argentina

  • Hello,
    All of your patterns are so cute! I would like to make an account but I can’t seem to figure out where I can sign up for an account. I would love any help you could give. Thank you. Your sewing is superb!

    • Thank you, Susan! You should be able to create an account under the top tab where it says My Account or if you check out it will ask you to create one. Let me know if you need more help. Thanks!

  • Hello Kelly, thank you for all your patterns. I recently took advantage of the adult and child movie night patterns. I can’t wait to get sewing. Where do you find all those adorable knit fabrics? I live in Canada and although there are some online shops, I have been burned ordering knit fabric that is sub-quality. TIA. Maureen

    • Thank you! I find many of my knits online. Raspberry Creek Fabrics has great jersey knits that are perfect for the Movie Nights. Joann’s (not sure if you have them in Canada) also has cute knits. You could also try looking on Etsy. They have a nice variety.

  • A few years since you posted these pics, but your sewing projects for your kids are gorgeous! I’m now making grandson’s first “towel” jackets (bomber style jkt made from Superhero beach towels). Used to make these for my kids when they were little (and a hit)! Anyhow great job!

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