Accessing Your Files

Your PDF files are available as soon as your payment goes through. They will be emailed and also will always be available to download in your account. Make sure to check your spam account if you can’t find your email. Also, sometimes PayPal can experience a backlog, which will cause a delay in you receiving your files.


Printing at Home

To avoid any problems, download the pdf to your desktop. You must open and print with Adobe Reader. You can download a free version at Print your pattern at 100% or actual size. Check the 1″ or 3 cm square to be sure it printed correctly. The border of the letter/A4 patterns should measure 7″ x 10″.

All patterns features layers so you can print just the size you need. On the left hand side of Adobe Reader you will find a layers tab. Click the drop down and deselect all sizes except for the one you want to print. Be sure to keep the Keys & Text tab and the Tiling tab checked.


Common Printing Problems

Layers aren’t showing up. If the file did not download correctly, one of the first things lost is layers. Delete the file and try downloading again. Also make sure you are saving the file to your desktop.

Pattern is printing to one edge and border lines are not showing on those edges. Make sure you have Auto Portrait/Landscape clicked in your printer settings.

Pattern is only printing a small portion of the page. Make sure you are printing the A4/Letter size found at the end of the main file and not the separate A0 file.

Pattern is not printing to scale. Check that your scale is set to 100% or actual size. Also, make sure the box “Choose paper source by PDF page size” is not checked.

Pattern lines are not lining up. If your paper feeds through your printer too quickly it can cause the paper to load crooked and then your lines can be off. Under the properties tab in your print settings, make sure you are not printing as draft.


A0 and Projector Files

Most patterns also include an A0 size file for printing on large format printers. If you don’t have a large format printer, you can send the file to a company to be printed. The newer files also have projector files to be used with projectors.


Taping Your Pattern

To assemble your pattern, cut along the bottom and right borders on your pattern. Line up the triangles and tape together.


Size Charts

Size charts can be found under the description for each product.


Seam Allowance

All patterns include seam allowance and the amount is noted in each pattern.


Coupons and Deals

Be sure to check out our Facebook group for the latest news on sales and coupons. There is also savings if you purchase multiple patterns. Spend $21 and save 10% off your order, spend $28 and save 15%, spend $35 and save 20%. This excludes the Constance patterns since 100% of the profits go to charity and cannot be combined with other coupons. Codes are: Bundle21, Bundle28, and Bundle 35.


Pattern Use and Rights

Patterns are for personal home use only. Garments made with the patterns can be sold on a small scale. All patterns are copyrighted and cannot be shared or copied.


Contact Me

If you have any other questions, please contact me at