Sewing Tutorials & Free Patterns

20 thoughts on “Sewing Tutorials & Free Patterns”

  • Dear madam,

    thank you so much for all these beautiful tutorials and free pattern !

    Kind regards,
    Christine Danneels

  • I was browsing the Web searching for a bomber jacket for my 5 year old daughter for when she goes horse riding. The one you have made for your pretty little girl is exactly what I was looking for. Therefor I can’t wait to see the results for your size 6 handsome boy. Thank you for sharing your nice patterns, it’s very much appreciated.

    Laura Siepel
    (The Netherlands)

  • Thank you so much for this patterns, I have a little girl, 18months and never find patterns to sew for her ! Its everything i was looking for . Thank you so much

  • dear mdm,

    tq so much for the free pattern. i have no sewing basic but this helps me a lot. ur patterns are incredibles. ur kids are adorable. tq so much

  • Hi Kelly,

    Thank you so much for the free PJ pattern! The patterns on your website are adorable and I enjoy browsing through and getting inspired for new sewing projects!

    Kind Regards,
    Marieke Noordhoek
    the Netherlands

  • I am trying to get the lovely little pattern for the double breasted sweatshirt. I cant seem to be able to get the pattern. I have previously made your peplum to which turned out gorgeous. Thank you for the free patterns as I make them for other people as give aways.
    The patterns are lovely and they are much appreciated as I am a beginner sewer and learning from tips etc.

  • I have just started sewing your patterns look easy to follow:). Thank you for offering beginners a starting point can’t wait to try!

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