Ollie Bomber Jacket Release!

Ollie Bomber Jacket Pattern

Very excited to announce that the Ollie Bomber Jacket pattern is now available! It comes in sizes 12 months to 12 years and you have the option of making it fully lined, or leaving it unlined for a quick sew. There are also instructions for making welt pockets. If you use a reversible zipper you can even make it reversible.


A stable knit is recommended for the outer jacket, but some have used woven. I made the version above out of flannel with a cotton Lycra lining. I didn’t need to size up, buy my daughter is at the lower end of her size. You may want to make a version out of knit first, or size up if you do decide to go with a woven.

This was my first time having a pattern tested and I was so nervous sending it to the testers, but they were so awesome and were such a great help getting everything just right. And they came up with some really outstanding versions, which I’m excited to share with you!


18 months Deirdre Moenk 3

Deirdre Moenk made this amazing reversible version. And how cute is her little girl with her matching bags?!


18 months Ashlie Goff 2

Ashlie Goff made this super cute pink quilted Ollie! Love that smile!


12 mo Kendel Mineo Sawyer 5

This handsome little guy looks super cute in his Ollie made by Kendel Mineo Sawyer.


Size 12 Lindsay McManus (3)

A gorgeous lace version by Lindsay McManus. So pretty!


Size 12 Cindy Parrett 6

Cindy Parrett made this pretty floral version, which I love!


Size 10 Savanna Lecheminant 7

Savanna LeCheminant made an awesome version that any boy would love!


Size 8 Joanne Rush (2)

A great quilted version by Joanne Rush!


Size 8 Beth McKenzie Chastant 4

So, so pretty! An amazing version from Beth McKenzie Chastant.


Size 7 with length Lesley Tapia

This Ollie from Lesley Tapia looks super cozy! Amazing job!


Size 6 with 7 length Johanne-Julie Lapierre 6

Johanne-Julie Lapierre made a perfect floral Ollie! So pretty!


Size 5 with 6 length Toni Hill 2

I love how Toni Hill  made these matching Ollie’s with different bands and cuffs! They are adorable!


Size 5 Marah Hulse

Marah Hulse made this great version. It looks awesome!


Size 4 Maria Luisa Santos 12 Size 4 Maria Luisa Santos (2)

I love the fabric Maria Luísa Santos chose for her reversible Ollie. So gorgeous!


Size 3 Sneha Nirody Monga 7 Size 3 Sneha Nirody Monga 4

A great version by Sneha Nirody Monga! I love how she used a panel for her back. So, so cute!


Size 3 Rachel Pooch 2

Rachel Pooch made this adorable puppy version. Love this photo!


Size 3 Nadia Coelho

Isn’t she so cute! I love this Ollie from Nadia Coelho.


Size 3 Kelly Curteis 3

The pigtails and the boots make this Ollie perfect! I also love the colors on this one from Kelly Curteis.


12891600_10102500160160969_1202294368346044942_o 12525266_10102500160026239_8906788701086917854_o

Courtney Hartley made these two awesome versions! Love her fabric choices!


18 Months Nikki Collins 3

Such a sweet little guy! A really cute version from Nikki Collins.


18 Months Kelly Bailey 8

Oh my gosh, that face! So cute. A gorgeous version from Kelly Bailey.



Celine KHoo made a beautiful floral Ollie. She is just too cute!



Melissa Malice made a boy’s version that turned out amazing!



How awesome is this version from Thao Luxa? Love it!



And last, but definitely not least this great dino version from Megan Candora!


Thanks so much to all of my testers. They were really amazing! You can get the Ollie Bomber Jacket pattern in the shop. The size 2 is free and also found in the shop.



  1. Your Ollie jacket turned out great! I have just ordered it ☺
    Once I have finished it, I’ll send you some pics.

    Enjoy your day.

    Love, Laura
    (The Netherlands)

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